Maxillary dual impactions coronal slice
Maxillary dual impactions coronal slice

An example of just one of many slices you can see either coronally, sagitally, or axially. It give us a great view of proximity to the sinus or adjacent teeth. Here we also see a deviated septum and pretty clear sinuses.

Maxillary impactions 3D rendering
3D rendering: view of impacted wisdom teeth

This is a very impressive 3D rendering of maxillary wisdom teeth. The patient is always very impressed with their image and appreciates the advances in technology the doctor is utilizing to determine the best strategy of treatment. Each image is a continuing educational journey of understanding anatomy.

Maxillary impactions 3D rendering
Impactions as seen on the 3D rendering from the occlusal view of the maxillary arch

Although we don’t diagnose from the 3D rendering we still get a really informative picture to show the patient.

maxillary impactions axial slice
axial slice  maxillary arch impactions

Another view of an impacted bicuspid to help determine either orthodontic movement or extraction.

maxillary impactions generated pan view
Generated pan view of the maxillary arch with impacted bicuspid and wisdom teeth

Even though this patient has braces we get a nice image without too much flash. It allows cross sectioning of each impaction and is very helpful in deciding on a strategy for removal. The image of course shows much more than just the impactions so is quite valuable in assessing other issues such as sinus.