CDI provides cutting edge diagnostic technology for all your dental needs.

We invite you and your staff to experience the advances in digital dentistry with our 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Imaging machine.

CDI alleviates the frustration and costs associated with the ever changing digital hardware and software, while providing your patients with today’s standard of care.

We strive to provide your office with superb digital images, user friendly software training and our technical support including data backup. Photo records, digital prints and custom reports are available as well.

info sheet - low dose


  • 3D CBCT Scan; (Field of view determined by Dentist)
  • 2D Digital Panoramic & Cephalometric Images;
  • Optional Low Dose available for Implant Planning, Follow Up Exams, Pediatric Exams, Skeletal Symmetry, Impaction/Supernumery evaluation, Airway and TMJ analysis;
  • Digital Clinical Photography;
  • Free User-Friendly Software;
  • Data Back-Up;

info sheet - implant


  • Software Conversions; (Simplant, CoDiagnostix, Nobel, BluskyBio)
  • Implant Planning;
  • Nerve Tracing & Measurements;
  • Clinical Photography Records;
  • All-on-Four Communication Packages;
info sheet - endo


  • MB2 evaluation;
  • Sinus evaluation;
  • Post-Op Assessment;
  • Root Fracture;
  • Resorption;
info sheet - impaction

Impaction & Wisdom Teeth

  • Nerve Tracing;
  • Generated Cross Sections;
  • Optional Low Dose;
info sheet - ortho


  • Regular or Low Dose 3D Analysis; (Pan & Ceph generated from 3d Image including oral/maxillofacial radiologist report)
  • 2D Cephalometric Image;
  • Clinical Photography;
  • Ceph Tracing;
  • Anatomodels;
  • Follow Up Scan for retainer evaluation;
  • TAD Placement;
  • Communication Package;
info sheet - osa

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) / Snoring & TMJ

  • Full Volume Evaluation;(includes oral/maxillofacial radiologist report)
  • Optional Low Dose 2nd Position with appliance or bite index;
  • Clinical Photography;
  • Ceph Tracing;
  • Airway Volume Analysis;
  • TMJ evaluation;anatomodels;
  • Communication Package;

Sinus Records

  • Sinonasal polyposis
  • Solitary polyps
  • Cancer
  • Mucocoeles
  • Retention cysts
  • Antroliths
  • Fungal sinusitis
  • Sinusitis lacking dental etiology
  • retention pseudocysts
  • extruded overfilled endo