“I have been involved in providing periodontal and implant services for over 20 years. CDI is an integral and indispensable part of my multidisciplinary team involved in treatment planning for dental implant supported therapy. They are efficient, offer expertise, and use premium technology all in the comfort of a patient centered and contemporary private office environment.”

Dr. Steven Faigan, Okanagan Periodontics
Certified Specialist in Periodontics

Wow what amazing technology”

Patient Keith M.

“I couldn’t do my due diligence with treating my TMJ patients or my OSA patients without the help of CDI!!”

Dr. Shauna Palmer

“I am a Kelowna dentist and am very happy to have CDI help me help my patients. CDI has a wide range of services including scans for implants, wisdom teeth, orthodontics, and root canals. The staff are knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I have no reservation in recommending them highly!

Dr. Stephen Malfair

“ I always send my patients for a 3D scan prior to implant placement”

Dr. Darwin Song

“We require the highest quality radiographic images so that we can provide the best level of care in dentistry, CDI comes through for me and my patients every time

Dr. Bradley Bishop

“It is a pleasure to work with the helpful and friendly staff at CDI. They treat us and our patients with professionalism, and the quality service they provide assists me in diagnosing and treatment planning for implants and more.”

Dr. Klara Burlacu


“As a Nobel Biocare sales representative, I have worked with CDI since they first opened. They have provided CBCT scans for my customers patients and for myself. I find their service and support to be 5 star and cost effective. The images they provide from their Carestream Scanner are top quality and work amazingly with our digital planning software, NobelClinician”

Josh Gibson, Nobel Rep

” My Experience with CDI was fantastic, they are super friendly and make you feel very comfortable! I struggled for years with a pesky tooth that showed no sign of infection through a standard Xray at my dental office. It wasn’t until I went to CDI to get a cone beam CT scan done that they found the issues I’ve been struggling with for so long. With in minutes they were able to show me the signs of infection surrounding my tooth which I was then able to take with me to get the proper treatment I required! ” -Melissa M

I was without a partial for 2 weeks as I had dropped it on a concrete floor and there was a bend in it. I had asked around if my partial could be fixed, there wasn’t any assistance to be found for my need. I went to CDI to have my partial fitted back into my mouth. With the technology used, my experience was beyond results! To my amazement, my partial fitted much more comfortable than the initial set up, such a great fit that my partial actually felt like my real teeth! A breath of fresh air! What a relief! I honestly felt at home in the office with such a friendly atmosphere as if I was part of a family! Thank you CDI for such genuine care! Doris Chaput