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maxillary impactions generated pan view

CASE FILE: Maxillary Impactions

An example of just one of many slices you can see either coronally, sagitally, or axially. It give us a great view of proximity to the sinus or adjacent teeth. Here we also see a deviated septum and pretty clear sinuses. This is a very impressive 3D rendering of maxillary wisdom teeth. The patient is […]

sinus involved endodontically

CASE FILE: Sinus involved endodontically

Sinus floor perforated and inflammation present. Presents as chronic sinusitis. Possible treatment options?   Another example of how well we can see the problem in 3D. Notice the destruction of the sinus floor and an inflammatory response in the sinus. Comments?

CASE FILE: Internal resorption and bone loss

    You will never see the extent of resorption and destruction on a PA or pan compared to CBCT. Here we are looking sagittally at extensive resorption on lingual of #3.1 and loss of bone apically.     What treatment challenges do you see with this case?

Internal Resorption and bone loss. Sagittal Slice

Chronic and acute sinusitis

Conebeam CT and Sinus

  Do you have patients that complain of tooth sensitivity but the PA or PAN doesn’t show any pathosis, leaving you and your patient frustrated and not sure how to solve the issue? CBCT can give you those answers! Some things to consider: Periapical Lesion –inflammatory changes of mucosal lining (average mucosal thickening 7.4mm) Sinusitis […]